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Progressive Georgians across the state are proving yet again that they know how to fight back during the Trump era.

Jon Ossoff, the progressive 6th Congressional District candidate, is dominating in the polls and early voting has already begun. And that’s not even what we think about his campaign. That’s what 11Alive says.

The April 18 special election marks voters’ first opportunity to repudiate Trump’s policies at the ballot box since he took office.

According to an 11 Alive poll conducted last week, Jon Ossoff is pulling in 43 percent of likely voters. Ossoff is getting more support from voters than the next four candidates combined.

Though the results are encouraging for Ossoff, we can’t slow down now. You know the story, right? Voters must bring this energy to the voting booth.

"Polls are just polls. Now, it's all about turnout," Ossoff said. "Turnout is key."

But guess what? Even if you don’t live in the District 6, you can help.

Even if you live in Dahlonega or College Park, you can help.

From now until April 18, we need every progressive activist in Georgia working to get out the vote.

Ossoff is doing his part.

Ossoff has raised as much money from Georgia as any of the Republican candidates. And with the help of progressives across the nation, he has raised a record-breaking $8.3 million from 200,000 donors. But without high progressive turnout, fundraising doesn’t mean a thing. 

Whether you live in the district or not,
you can help mobilize the voters we need.
Join Swing Left for a day of canvassing on Saturday, April 15.
Visit their site to sign up.

Every single vote for Ossoff will be needed in this historic election. That’s why former State Representative and former District 6 candidate Sally Harrell officially endorsed Ossoff last week.

Harrell released an endorsement letter urging Georgia voters to unite to elect Ossoff.  

“It is imperative that we send a strong message to Washington D.C., right now, as the rest of the country watches,” Harrell said in her letter.

“No spoiler candidates. No staying home. It’s time to get up, out and take action.”

Let’s take a cue from Harrell and show the country that progressive Georgians are fighting back. 

If you live in the 6th district, you have until April 18 to cast your vote for Ossoff. Early voting locations may differ from the usual sites, so check out My Voter Page to find your polling locations and dates.

Together, we can elect Ossoff. Let’s vote, get the word out and #FlipThe6th.



Bryan Long
Executive Director
Better Georgia

P.S. You can make a difference. Be a part of the progressive force in Georgia and join Swing Left for canvassing on Saturday, April 15.


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