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STOP putting Georgia pharmacists’ beliefs ahead of women’s health

Tell Ga. lawmakers that pharmacists should not be able to refuse to fill valid doctors’  prescriptions based on personal opinions.

“Georgia Legislators: The case at the Walmart pharmacy in Milledgeville illustrates why it is time to repeal the broad ‘pharmacist refusal’ law in Georgia, one of only six U.S. states with this dangerous law on the books.

Allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill a doctor’s valid prescription based on personal ‘ethical or moral beliefs’ puts patients’ health and lives at risk.”

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    Stop putting Georgia pharmacists’ beliefs ahead of women’s health.

    When Brittany Cartrett of Milledgeville lost her pregnancy in March, her doctor prescribed Misoprostol -- which can also be used to induce abortions -- to help her complete the miscarriage. But the pharmacist at the local Walmart refused to fill the prescription without a medical explanation, simply saying, “I don't feel like there is a reason why you would need it.”

    Regardless of the reason the Walmart pharmacist gave for refusing to fill the prescription, one thing is clear: Pharmacists should not be able to put their own personal “ethical or moral” opinions ahead of a doctor’s orders.

    Unfortunately, Georgia is one of six states that fails to protect women faced with this situation.

    A woman who has just learned that she lost her baby shouldn’t have to spend time shopping for a pharmacist who will fill the prescription her doctor has ordered. There are women all over Georgia -- particularly in rural areas -- who don’t have the option of going to another pharmacy if their pharmacist objects to filling their prescription.

    It’s time to repeal this backwards law and put the health of safety of Georgian women first -- ahead of the personal beliefs of a pharmacist.