Better Georgia

Stop Georgia’s skyrocketing college tuition hikes.

Continuing education should not be a luxury for the privileged few. Tell the Georgia Board of Regents to stop the out-of-control tuition hikes.

“Georgia Board of Regents: Tuition costs in Georgia are dramatically outpacing household income, putting a college education out of reach for too many young Georgians. It’s time to stop to raising tuition at Georgia’s public schools.”

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    While many university presidents in Georgia are earning upwards of a half million dollars a year and college football coaches are raking in millions, fewer and fewer Georgians are able to afford to go to college.

    Nationally, from 2000 to 2013, wages only increased 38 percent. Within that same time period, University of Georgia's tuition costs shot up by more than 200 percent. And now the HOPE Scholarship only pays for about 60 percent of tuition and mandatory fees at the University of Georgia.

    In fact, tuition at all of Georgia’s public colleges and universities are rising at historic levels while household earnings remain stagnant and HOPE covers less every year.

    While tuition costs around the country continue to rise, Georgia has hiked tuition more than any other state besides New Mexico within the last five years.

    The results of these unbridled tuition increases are devastating. According to new data released by the White House, Georgia now has the second-highest level of student loan debt in the country. 

    With an economy that has been slower to recover than most of the U.S., Georgia is setting its next generation up for a lifetime of crippling debt.

    Tell the Georgia Board of Regents to properly invest in higher education and stop putting an unfair amount of the cost burden on Georgia’s students.