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Don’t Let Gov. Deal’s School Takeover 2.0 Silence Parents

Tell Gov. Deal and lawmakers that you will not allow the state to silence parents through the school takeover 2.0. 

“Gov. Deal and Ga. lawmakers: We have read the fine print. Your proposed school takeover 2.0 would silence parents and teachers by gutting local control and handing over power to unelected, unaccountable political appointees and out-of-state, for-profit corporations.”
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    Georgia schools are in danger of being taken over if Gov. Deal gets his way.

    Gov. Deal and his politician friends don’t want you to read the fine print about his school takeover 2.0 because his scheme is a political power grab that would hurt Georgia’s public school students and teachers.

    The governor's new proposal is the same as the one defeated by voters in November with only minor window dressing.

    The takeover would silence the parents, teachers and communities who understand their children’s educational needs best. A takeover would allow unelected political appointees to hand over our schools to out-of-state, for-profit corporations.

    The worst part? The political appointees are unaccountable to parents and teachers.

    It’s clear that Gov. Deal is ignoring Georgia parents and teachers, who voted overwhelmingly to defeat his first school takeover this past November. The school takeover 2.0 would use our tax dollars to fund a new layer of unnecessary state bureaucracy.

    There’s still no additional funding for teacher raises, school materials or reinstating the music and art programs that have been slashed. And in some ways, the school takeover 2.0 is even worse than the original measure.

    This time around, there is no limit to the number of schools that can be taken over or managed at one time by the politically appointed education czar. It provides additional avenues for the state to remove of local school board members -- the people elected by the voters in the communities they serve.

    Tell Gov. Deal and our lawmakers that you’ve read the fine print and you know that control of our schools belongs with local parents and educators.