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Georgia’s religious discrimination bill is back. Let’s put a stop to it now.

Tell your lawmakers that businesses and individuals should not be able to use religion as an excuse for discrimination, child abuse or other criminal behavior. The radical, unnecessary legislation being proposed by Sen. McKoon and Rep. Teasley would harm women, children, members of the LGBT community and people of all faiths.

“Georgia Lawmakers: The so-called “religious freedom” bills proposed by Sen. McKoon and Rep. Teasley are unnecessary, discriminatory and dangerous.

We respectfully request that you stand up for the rights of all of Georgia’s citizens by rejecting legislation that supports people who want to use their religion to discriminate and opt out of child welfare and other laws.”

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    Freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans. That is why it is already protected in the very First Amendment of the US Constitution and Georgia’s Constitution. But unlike our constitutional protections for freedom of religion, McKoon’s and Teasley’s laws would put an individual’s religious beliefs ahead of the common good.

    This bill would open the door to people who would use their religion to opt out of laws from child welfare to discrimination. It would lead to legal chaos over whose religion is more important in the eyes of our courts and lawmakers.

    The legislation would give criminals who abuse their children or spouses a new excuse and make it even more difficult for police officers to put abusers behind bars.

    Georgia House Bill 29 would provide a free pass for business owners who believe homosexuality is a sin to openly deny gay Americans employment or service.

    A restaurateur could deny service to an out-of-wedlock mother, a cop could refuse to intervene in a domestic dispute if his religion allows for husbands beating their wives, and a hotel chain could refuse to rent rooms to Jews, Hindus or Muslims.

    Most Georgians, including Georgia’s business community, are opposed to this extremist legislation.

    Tell your lawmaker to support the rights of all Georgians by rejecting legislation that protects discrimination and criminal behavior.