Better Georgia

STOP Gov. Deal’s hostile takeover of Georgia’s public schools.

Tell Gov. Deal that we will not let him sell Georgia students’ and teachers’ futures to out-of-state, for-profit corporations.

“Gov. Deal: We will not allow you to sell our students and teachers to the highest bidder while adding an extra layer of useless bureaucracy to our school systems. School takeovers by for-profit corporations in other states have failed to improve student performance and have robbed teachers and students of basic resources.

If you really want to ‘fix’ Georgia schools, start by addressing the damage you’ve caused with the massive budget cuts you’ve inflicted on public education.”

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    Read the bill: Senate Bill 133

    Gov. Deal claims that this bill is about school performance - but there isn’t one word in the legislation about strategies to improve student achievement.

    Instead, the governor’s bill focuses on changing the constitution so the state can confiscate local school buildings and property, seize the funding and turn it all over to a for-profit corporation to manage.

    This isn’t an education bill - it’s a real estate bill!

    After inflicting years of punishing budget cuts that have caused overcrowded classrooms, fewer school days and stagnant teacher pay, Gov. Deal has a new idea: selling “failing schools” to for-profit corporations to manage. Instead of investing in our teachers and students, the governor wants to experiment on Georgia’s most vulnerable children in order to

    Teachers from around Georgia oppose the governor’s plan because they know that other states have tried this scheme before and that the results are dismal.

    In Louisiana, after nine years of state control, only four of the 107 schools taken over by the "recovery" district are above the state average.

    Gov. Deal claims that more money is not the answer for Georgia’s struggling schools. Yet he’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would require a huge advertising and legislative expense budget and, if passed, would turn class materials for students into profits for corporations.

    Tell Gov. Deal that school funding belongs in the classroom, not in the pockets of corporations.