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Stop Georgia’s Campus Rape Cover-Up Bill

Rep. Earl Ehrhart’s (R-Powder Springs) rape cover-up bill would take choices away from rape victims who are seeking help while stopping Ga. universities from protecting rape victims.

Under Ehrhart’s disgraceful proposed law, if a rape victim makes a report on campus, the person they tell would be required to notify the police, making it less likely that rape victims will seek help at all. The bill would also prevent universities from investigating campus rape allegations unless a criminal investigation was already underway.

We believe in protecting a victim's right to control when a police report is made -- that decision should not be left up to extremist lawmakers like Ehrhart.

Unfortunately, attacking rape victims is nothing new for Ehrhart. In fact, he actually sued the Dept. of Ed. over the treatment of those accused of sexual assault. “I have heard from many parents of accused male students and understand how unjust, devastating and life-changing the consequences can be,” said Ehrhart.

According to the Dept. of Justice, campus sexual assault is under-reported by as much as 80 percent. If Ehrhart gets his way, the number of unreported rape cases will climb even higher.

Tell Rep. Ehrhart that lawmakers should be working to protect Georgia students and make victims feel safe reporting their attacker -- not fighting to protect the accused.

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Tell Rep. Earl Ehrhart that we will not allow him to attack Ga. rape victims while protecting those accused of rape.

“Rep. Ehrhart: Your campus rape cover-up bill is an assault on victims and endangers Ga. students. We will not allow you to take away protections from rape victims at Ga. universities and colleges."
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