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Stop Rigging the Voting Maps in Georgia!

Behind closed doors, Georgia conservative lawmakers are trying to redraw voting maps and shape districts to unfairly favor their candidates.
Georgia conservatives are carving out African-American and other minority voters to prop up candidates who they know can’t win a fair election. 
House Bill 515, a proposed law sponsored by disgraced former judge Johnnie Caldwell (R-Thomaston) would, among other changes, shift district lines to protect incumbent state representatives Rich Golick (R-Smyrna) and Brian Strickland (R-McDonough). Both lawmakers barely won tight victories in districts easily won by Hillary Clinton.
Politicians shouldn’t meet secretly in backrooms to make decisions out of the public eye, but that’s what’s happening in the current redistricting process. Politicians are manipulating voting maps behind closed doors without accountability, and we can’t let them get away with it.
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Tell Georgia lawmakers to stop rigging the voting maps.

“Ga. lawmakers: We will not allow you to redraw legislative maps to unfairly protect incumbent candidates. Voters should be able to choose their politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters.”
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