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Take the Power Voter Challenge!

Don’t just vote: Become a Power Voter.

“This election, I will go beyond just voting. I will encourage and empower my Georgia friends and family to register and vote.”

More than two million registered Georgia voters did not go to the polls in 2014. But YOU can help change that. Take the Power Voter Challenge and multiply your impact in this critical election. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up on this page to become a Power Voter.
  2. Power Voters will receive tools and information on key voting dates, deadlines and locations that you can easily share with voters in your circle.
  3. Make sure at least five friends vote by Nov. 6.
  4. Offer to give rides to the polls on Election Day.

You know that Georgia’s upcoming election will determine the future of our state. And you’re ready to take action.

But what about your friends and family? Are they registered to vote? Do they know when early voting begins? Do they know if they’ve been purged from the voter rolls? Here is where you can make a difference.

Our health care, education, safety and civil rights are at stake in 2018 and there’s no doubt that elections across Georgia will be extremely close.

One of the best ways to increase voter participation is through one-on-one communication between friends and family members.

If 3,000 Georgians take the Power Voter Challenge, we’ll be empowering 15,000 extra voters to head to the polls and add their voices to the conversation.

Can we count on YOU to take the Power Voter Challenge?

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